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It’s so easy to overlook important steps, processes, and documentation when starting up.
Successful entrepreneurs understand that they must work on growing their business.
Wouldn’t it be great if you had a roadmap and checklist of items customised just for you?



Get NDAs signed

Send out investor Term Sheets

Draft your Founders' Agreement

Incorporate your company

Protect your intellectual property

Agree commercial terms with your partners and suppliers



Handle the formalities to set up a bank account

Agree your seed round documentation​

Sign a Shareholders' Agreement

Vest shares to your founding team and key employees

Create Privacy Policies and Terms of Use for your app and websites



Be a first class employer with the right Employment Contracts and Consultancy Agreements for your industry

Work with advisors

Get agreements to safely sell goods or services

Deal with invoicing and billing

Collaborate and partner with other businesses

Get agreements for market expansion



Set up a Share Option Scheme for employees

Prepare for registration, issue, and transfer of shares

Document monthly board minutes and resolutions

Get documents to improve your corporate governance

Work with non-executive directors Increase the size of the board

Hit the ground running with the best expertise to manage your startup

How does it work?


We create a personalized plan and train your team to use Dragon Law.

All your legal work online

Our Startup Plan includes unlimited document building.

Support whenever you need it

Via live chat, by email, or by phone.

Using online legal software reduces risk, increases accuracy, and enhances compliance. Your investors and business partners will love it!


cost savings for a startup raising early funds


of startups using Dragon Law successfully land funding


less time spent on routine legal procedures


hours of legal help desk time per year

You're in very good company.

Thousands of startups use Dragon Law to meet their legal needs.

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