Zegal is a technology company. We are not a law firm and we do not give legal advice. 

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“With this tool, we can enter into partnerships with suppliers and promoters, with the confidence of being legally protected.”

- Florian Simmendinger, Founder, Soundbrenner

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Don’t know where to start? Get in touch via the live chat, right within the app. Our Customer Success Team is there to help you get the most out of your account, so you don’t get stuck sweating the small stuff.

Document templates are available for your team in Singapore. Browse or search by document name. 

The document description highlights the typical use cases and key document negotiation points.Of course you can also use your own templates too if you prefer!

Select from hundreds of documents

The document landing screen groups together key terms for you to consider so that they can be completed in a logical order. Several people in your practice may be involved in the document creation and approval process.

Create documents

The online platform includes electronic signing as standard in all workflows. Invite people to sign by adding their email address. Our signing process is legally compliant in all the countries in which we operate. 

A copy of the signed document is stored in your account as well as an additional copy that is created for the invited signers.

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✓ Simplify your contracting processes 

✓ Use a beautiful and intuitive user interface

✓ Quickly create, comment, approve, and sign documents within a safe and controlled environment

✓ Access hundreds of preset workflows and documents

✓ A legal solution for every business challenge 

✓ Empower your teams with access to knowledge and guidance

✓ Keep matters on track and complete them faster

✓ Get legal advice from our legal team if and when you need it*

✓ Reduce paper trail and centralise your document management in the cloud

Work with our legal team using intuitive technology

Our legal team is well trained to handle legal contracts for you. However, there may be situations where you prefer to do easy, repetitive legal tasks much quicker without involving our legal team.

Now you can. Simply select from hundreds of best-practice workflow and document templates, designed to help you navigate each legal situation that your business encounters. All the guesswork is removed to guide you through each process step by step and give you more time to focus on growing your business. Our legal team will stand by and provide support whenever you need it.

Whether you are the decision makers running established companies, leading in-house legal teams, or heading up key business units 

— our legal team is here to help you better manage your legal and business processes, creating new efficiencies and increasing profitability.

The smarter way to manage your legal back-office

A legal solution for every business challenge

Our legal team understand the fast-paced business world. We know the importance of standardising your contracting processes so your team can complete them faster. 

This is now possible with an intuitive question-and-answer interface, which can be used by anyone across your business. Whether it’s your sales team sending a new proposal or your HR department bringing on new employees, your team is empowered to create legally binding contracts within minutes, all with 100% accuracy.

Easily used by anyone in your team

You will have full control over how you set up your workspace: you decide who sees what, who has commenting and editing rights, and the final sign-off to say when the work is complete. 

It’s how you keep things on track so everyone (including our legal team) gets things done faster. 

Not only is encryption and security at the heart of the platform, it’s also built into the way you set up your processes, giving you total control from start to end.

Work the way you want to

Serviced by XYZ Lawyers | Terms of service to be provided upon engagement
Software powered by Zegal | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy
Zegal is a technology company. We are not a law firm and we do not give legal advice. 
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It’s hard to imagine how anything gets achieved these days without chat. It shouldn’t be any different when it comes to legal documents. 

The commenting feature allows your team and our legal team to easily comment or seek clarification on any documents created. 

All comments are conveniently and safely stored together with the document, so everything stays contextual.

Collaboration made simple with chat and commenting

E-sign from anywhere, 
on any device

Getting a document signed used to be cumbersome, involving printers, scanners, and a lot of time waiting around. 

We’ve made it simple. Watch your sales team win deals faster with a few clicks of a button: easily create the contract, send it for e-signing, and watch the money flow in. 

Still like to do things the traditional way? We’ve made that simple too. Simply download, print, and sign the document, then upload back into your account so everything is safely and securely stored in the cloud.


See an example below:

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Serviced by Slotine | Terms of service to be provided upon engagement
Software powered by Zegal | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy
Zegal is a technology company. We are not a law firm and we do not give legal advice. 

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*Slotine will provide legal support within the scope agreed with you separately.

Meet Maeva Slotine

Maeva Slotine is Founding Partner of SLOTINE, the Hong Kong Solicitor’s firm specialising in cross-border business law. Her main areas of practise are M&A, International Investments, Corporate Finance, Private Equity and Corporate Governance.

Read more about Maeva and her work on our blog.

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