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Starting a new business is an exciting prospect. In the passionate rush it takes to launch a startup, obvious legal issues can often be overlooked that could derail an otherwise well-thought-out business plan.
Not sure where to start? Read about the fundamental legal issues every startup or small business should consider. Understand why the law matters.
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Part I in the Does The Law Matter? eBook series of legal tips

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The Early Stages
Learn the five fundamentals of why the law matters
Own Your Intellectual Property
Discover how to safeguard the value of your ideas and developments
Employ Carefully
Learn the common issues that startups overlook when hiring
Why Zegal?
Zegal is the trusted platform to manage law online. Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, our mission is to transform the way businesses meet their legal needs. Our simple question-and-answer interface gathers key insights about your business, and generates highly-customised contracts that address your specific needs. We give business owners the know-how and confidence to create even the most complex legal documents from start to finish.
Zegal's clients have one platform to learn, one legal help desk, and one bill to pay.


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