Zegal was founded in 2013 as a result of a simple observation

Technology and the Internet have transformed the speed and ease of doing business in every conceivable way, yet legal work continues to be conducted largely offline. This mismatch led Daniel Walker and Jake Fisch to create the vision of a self-service legal model that revolutionises the way businesses solve their legal needs.

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"Zegal’s intuitive user interface, ability to upload a company logo and pre-enter company details, the DoubleCheck service and online document signing allows me to create professional looking legal documents with high quality, error-free content and get all parties to sign the documents with minimum effort."

Thousands of happy customers, including

Instant support whenever you need it

Access our legal help desk via our in-app livechat.

All your legal work in one place

Create your own legal documents, with simple plain-English guidance.

Onboarding that's personalised for you

Use our startup roadmap designed to equip you with the unique documents required for your startup journey.

Cloud software for your startup's legal needs...that actually works

Zegal brings all the pieces and people you need together so you can get your legal work done quickly, and cost effectively.


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"The support provided by Zegal is amazing and really made a difference in the build up to our launch.”


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