Make Your Pitch
Learn how to prepare and deliver an executive summary to potential investors
As an entrepreneur, do you ever worry about whether you should share a detailed plan or showcase a quick summary when you pitch to potential investors? Discover the key elements of an executive summary that are essential for engaging potential investors.
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Pitch to Investors

Learn how to prepare and deliver an executive summary to potential investors 

Think Like An Investor 
Learn about what investors look out for as they listen to your pitch and analyse your proposition as a business
Delivering Your Pitch
Apart from the content of the pitch, it is important to pay attention to how you deliver the pitch - think about tone, medium and length 
Executive Summary Basics
Key elements to include in an executive summary when you pitch to investors 

Extract from the Chapter What information do you include in an executive summary for a VC? 

What information do you include in an executive summary for a VC? 

A lot has been written on the topic and you will find a lot of useful resources simply by googling the topic. We have tried to synthesise some of the best we have found and add our experience doing business in Asia to come up with the suggestions below. 

Here are some ideas on how to write an executive summary: 


1. A Clear Simple Hook

It is crucial that you start you presentation with a clear hook. Something that will make a potential investor think that this could be a big idea worth supporting. 

  • Is there a very specific problem you are solving for your clients?
  • How distinctive and hard to replicate is your solution? 
  • Are there brand-name entrepreneurs, advisors or investors involved already?
  • Do you have brand-name clients or partnerships already?
  • Do you have a proof of concept already? 
  • However long your following presentation, you have about a minute (or less if your audience has ADD which tends to be relatively common in the industry) to get their attention.

We have found investors in Asia to be much more patient than those in North America and Europe, maybe because they are not yet as inundated with business ideas as their Western peers; you however still need a clear hook to get their attention.


Extract from Make Your Pitch, an eBook published by Zegal

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Emmanuel Pitsilis
Emmanuel is an entrepreneur, angel investor and a mentor to half a dozen start-ups and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Singapore.  




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