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Legally binding electronic signatures at your fingertips.
Join the hundreds of thousands of businesses that now close deals faster and simplify their workflow in managing documents, contracts, agreements, and forms. Say goodbye to paper and hello to e-signatures.
Zegal is a technology company. We are not a law firm and we do not give legal advice. 

How it works

Commonly asked questions


One-click quick upload

Supports PDF, JPG, GIF, and other common formats

Combines multiple uploads into one document

Ability to re-order files before combination

Unlimited number of uploads



Add who needs to sign

Place signatures wherever you want

Unlimited number of signers

Invite all signers with one click

Signers receive email notifications

Sign on the app without having to install any software

Cancel signing at any time



Uploaded files are securely stored online

Both senders and signers can access 24/7, anytime, anywhere

Manage and organise all uploaded documents in one place


Are e-signatures legally binding? 

Yes! In 1998, Singapore became one of the first countries to allow the signing of legal documents online. This is enforced by the Electronic Transactions Act 2010. Hong Kong soon followed and e-signing is now governed by the Electronics Transaction Ordinance (Cap 553). E-signing is legal in each of the jurisdictions that our documents are based, but there are exceptions e.g. instruments that require stamping. Our documents provide signing instructions so when you're not supposed to e-sign, you will be notified in the app.

Can I e-sign documents on my smartphone or tablet?
Any device with a web browser can access e-signing through our app. You do not require any additional software to sign a document with Zegal.
Is e-signing available outside of the markets you operate?

A major advantage of e-signatures is in helping businesses to function, irrespective of location and time. Signing off on a laptop or smartphone without the need for printers, scanners, fax machines, or mailing supplies means that documents can be signed anytime and anywhere across the world.